Our Philosophy

Sinclair Solutions is a consulting company created to support clients that employ private staff. The range of support requests are broad, from concierge type requests through staff training or advice on security matters.

Sinclair Solutions not only understands the value of the connected world but also that no two clients are alike. As such, we adopt a bespoke approach in every consultation in the aim to restore to our clients their most valuable asset; their time!


Wines tailored to you

Need some help constructing a wine list or guidance evolving an existing cellar? Working to your guidelines, Sinclair Solutions can tailor a wine selection to your palette and budget. We can then acquire the wines on your behalf whether it be direct from a winery, a private collection or at auction.

Right place, right temperature

Not ready to have your wine shipped to your home, yacht or jet? Sinclair Solutions can arrange climate controlled storage for your wines until you want them. When you are ready your wines can be shipped to wherever you need them. An electronic inventory complete with tasting notes will be yours to help you decide.



Sinclair Solutions was founded by Lee Sinclair as a consultancy business for the private service industry. It is the crystallisation of twenty five years experience, much of it served at sea aboard some the world’s finest yachts.


As a consultancy, we do not charge commission on sales, we simply charge for our time. No work is undertaken without first agreeing on the terms, wherein all costings are clear and transparent. If you think we can help, please contact us.


We are here to help

Please provide your information outlining your needs and we will get back to you with a proposed solution.


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